Community Quotes

“Because of the tuition waiver program at the FOA, our daughter is taking classes she loves, branching out into new areas of the arts, becoming more involved in community theatre, and making life-long friends. The financial burden of paying full price for her classes (especially this year during COVID-19) has been eased in our family. As our daughter works alongside me to complete our work study assignments, she has learned to value and appreciate the opportunities she has at the Foundation of Arts.”
– Tenny Brown, Work Study parent

“We love the FOA and are happy that the community supports positive entertainment and activities for everyone. It is one of the few things that Jonesboro offers that promotes play and well-being.”
Audrey Dobbins, patron

“I really wish I had gotten myself and my kids involved earlier. The FOA is life changing., installing a love for the arts that will always be with you. It floors me hear my 16 year-old suddenly start singing a song she learned during a show she was in- just makes me grin from ear to ear. I can’t say enough good things about the FOA.”
Mitch Mahan, Jonesboro Radio Group

“The FOA has had a huge impact on my family in the last year. I have been amazed at the level of discipline it is teaching my five year old. I am so thankful we have the FOA in our community and look forward to becoming more involved with it in the future.”
-Angela Duncan, Arts Center parent

“We love FOA and all the good they do for our community! Simply the BEST group of folks!”
-Beau Tarkington, volunteer

“Very good local theater. Excellent for the family!”
-Google business review

“My daughter was influenced by the FOA through her involvement in ballet and The Nutcracker from the time she was 5 until she graduated from high school.  I have seen countless productions performed by the FOA over the years and have enjoyed every one.  I have seen the children of my employees take various lessons and become involved, as have many of my employees.  The FOA is a part of the fabric of this wonderful community.”
Trey Stafford, Jonesboro Radio Group 

“I just watched the performance of Dreamgirls and it was fantastic. The theater was safe and the guests were social distancing. The theater was clean and the lights and sound was amazing.”
-Phoenix Rayne, patron

Great place to get involved with, great community participation, safe loving environment to learn multiple forms of art from painting to dancing to stage productions. Shows are very good as well.”
Burt Barrett, volunteer

“The FOA brings true beauty to the stage and gives so many wonderful opportunities for our community to shine”
Susan Lewallen, patron

“First Community Bank is proud to help sponsor the FOA. Not only have our employees and their families enjoyed getting to experience productions such as Annie, Seussical the Musical, A Christmas Story, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, but I believe the Jonesboro community has benefited holistically from the FOA’s presence in NEA. The people who perform through the FOA enrich their lives and gain valuable experiences and relationships, while spectators may be inspired to strive for their own forms of artistic expression. And many Jonesboro businesses can benefit financially from the extra consumers brought into contact with downtown Jonesboro through the FOA. First Community Bank is committed to helping their local communities flourish and grow, and we will gladly continue to partner with the FOA as both we and they strive to see Jonesboro succeed.”
Allen William, First Community Bank

“The FOA helps the Jonesboro community achieve higher quality life.”
– Grace Liouh, Arts Center parent

“Great fun family arts center located in historic downtown Jonesboro. They have a wide variety of classes for all ages and incomes. Great place to see a play or show or take a class.”
-Google review

“Work study has been such a blessing for our family; our children learn the value of working for something they want, we’ve met and worked with so many other kind families, as well as the staff at the FOA, and it’s allowed our kids to take (these amazing) classes we couldn’t afford otherwise. It’s been a wonderful experience for the whole family.”
-Nicole Scott, Tuition Assistance Family

You wouldn’t want miss anything! Everything they put on is perfection!
-Destinee Michelle, patron
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