Competition Classes

  • The competition program is for students ages 8 and up.  Students should have one year of dance experience prior to being a part of the competition program. 
  • Students are highly encouraged to register early for the competition program so as to be able to put their classes as a Nutcracker schedule-conflict (should they want to audition for the Nutcracker Ballet).
  • The deadline to register for the competition program is October 1st.  This will ensure the instructors time to create a good fit for each student’s routine.
  • Competition pieces will be rehearsed on Tuesdays (solo/duet) and Wednesdays (team routines). Additional rehearsals may be needed. The amount of time required will depend on the student’s level of participation.  
  • Students must register for the competition program in addition to at least one technique class.
  • Students will attend at least two dance competitions within the academic year.  Choreography classes will be the focus in the fall, with competition as the focus in the Spring.  Competition season spans February, March, and April – typically.
  • The FOA will enter students in the competitions and choose costumes. Costumes will be subject to final approval by the FOA Executive Director.  Tasteful, appropriate, and competitive is the goal.  
  • Families will be responsible for travel accommodations and competition entry/costume fees.  
  • The competition instructor will meet with the competition team to determine who will compete in which style/category, i.e.  solos, duets, groups, etc.  
  • Competition fees should be paid in full by January, when the competition schedule is released.  Costume fees will be required earlier.  Any additional fees will be discussed at the initial meeting.
  • For more information or to enroll in competition program, please call 935-2726.

    Meet Cori Keller, our competitive dance instructor, as she discusses this great new program with Executive Director Kristi Pulliam!

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