Tuition Assistance Program

We are now accepting fall 2019 tuition waiver applications!
Download current application here:
Tuition Waiver Application- Fall 2019

Contact or call 935-2726 for more info.

  • Use the front page of the registration form to list all classes the student is planning to take. Multiple students are permitted to share same form , however if total list exceeds 6 classes, an additional page can be used and attached to the first.
  • Tuition Waiver applications can be downloaded from our site but they’re also available at the Arts Center and Box Office desks.
  • Applications must be returned by designated due date to be reviewed by a committee. Approval is based on annual household income, special circumstances, and applicant’s reasons for request.
  • Applications must be renewed each semester.
  • Applicants may be awarded scholarships and/or work study, and will be notified after all applications have been processed. If granted, you will be required to attend a meeting at the start of the semester to discuss tuition waiver details.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q. What is the difference in a scholarship and work study?
A. Scholarships cover a portion of recipients tuition for the full semester and are given to individuals that meet very specific guidelines. The Work Study program is for students
or parents of students who would like to trade hours of volunteer work in exchange for tuition fees.

Q. How much work is needed to pay off my tuition in the Work Study program?
A. For every hour that is worked, $10.00 will be deducted from your tuition. Participants will have the opportunity to sign up for available tasks at the work study meeting.

Q. What kind of work can I do with Work Study?
A. You can usher for shows, hang posters, help organize Arts Center storage, assist with building and painting sets, work backstage, sew costumes, help with large mail outs, and many other activities.

Q. What qualifies as proof of income?
A.  Applicants are required to submit their most recent tax return statements as proof of income. Pay stubs will not be accepted.