Forum Exhibit Artist

We love to showcase the works of talented people living right here in our community! Each month, a different local artist is featured in the lobby of the Forum Theater. This exhibit is open to the public Tuesdays-Fridays, from 10-6. If you are interested in displaying or purchasing art, please contact or call 935-2726 for more information.

March Artist: Jen Wooldridge

Jen Wooldridge is a full time, professional artist working out of her art studio here in Jonesboro, AR. She enjoys adding unique perspective to her work in order to make each piece memorable. She has a passion for painting expressive, southern culture while using bold colors.

Her newest series is created by using her fingers-no brushes.

Work by Jen Wooldridge can be found on Facebook & Instagram. Commission pieces are available upon request


(left) “Spring Explosion” -$750
48×48 Acrylic on Canvas
1st in her brushless series using only fingers and a palette knife. Is signed with her thumbprint

(right) “Make A Wish”-$500
41×51 Acrylic on Canvas/Framed

Contact Information Available In The Box Office

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