Forum Exhibit Artist

We love to showcase the works of talented people living right here in our community! Each month, a different local artist is featured in the lobby of the Forum Theater. This exhibit is open to the public Tuesdays-Fridays, from 12-6. If you are interested in displaying or purchasing art, please contact or call 935-2726 for more information

May 2022:

Jeannie Walsh

A native of Arkansas, Jeannie Craig has enjoyed art since early childhood, where she would work alongside her father as he painted. She won several awards and competitions throughout her adolescence for her art which enabled her to get a scholarship to Arkansas State University.  It was here that she was a double art major before her path lead her to a career in marketing.  With her marketing career she traveled a lot and worked very long hours, however the emotional pull of creativity never left her.  “Art is all around us and I am in constant awe of God’s great masterpiece. I love art that inspires you, art that sparks the creative imagination in both the artist and viewer and leaves you empowered”.  Jeannie has had her art featured in several galleries in south Florida as well as here in North East Arkansas. 

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