Forum Exhibit Artist

We love to showcase the works of talented people living right here in our community! Each month, a different local artist is featured in the lobby of the Forum Theater. This exhibit is open to the public Tuesdays-Fridays, from 12-6. If you are interested in displaying or purchasing art, please contact or call 935-2726 for more information.

J-Ones Arts & Designs
(Nicole Jones & Marissa Russell)
Two sisters: one a photographer, the other a graphic designer; both are painters in their own natural way. Their passion for the arts started at an early age, and continued to grow as they got older, with being self-taught and honing their skills along the way. In 2015, they combine their obsession with photography, graphic design, and painting to form J-Ones Arts & Designs. Their artwork is unique and full of color, with that inspiration drawn from a variety of cultures and events that has taken placed. The dynamic duo often combines their individual styles to collaborate on different art pieces. The sisters are very passionate about their work, and strive to inspire others and spread positivity. J-Ones Arts & Designs is based in Jonesboro. For inquiries, follow j.onesartsanddesigns on facebook!

I Am She…Women Around the World is J-Ones Arts & Designs first art exhibit. I Am She features an acrylic painting collection of women representing different countries. These women symbolize beauty and strength, and the power to be who you are.

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