Forum Exhibit Artist

We love to showcase the works of talented people living right here in our community! Each month, a different local artist is featured in the lobby of the Forum Theater. This exhibit is open to the public Tuesdays-Fridays, from 10-6.
If you are interested in displaying or purchasing art, please contact or call 935-2726 for more information.

January Artist: Matthew Ball

 Matt E. Ball a painter, sculptor, and animator. Originally  from Trumann, Arkansas., he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Arts from Arkansas State University and is currently living and making art in Jonesboro.  “I ride my creative, like a leaf in the wind, where ever it takes me.   I simply document it…  I view art pieces as containers that hold the substance of the art work. My art is filled with visual symbols that are depicted in a unique, yet familiar manner often synthesized from high art and popular culture influences.”

Website:, Instagram: matthewball, Email: