Despite the challenging times, we believe the mission of the FOA is needed in Northeast Arkansas now more than ever. Arts experiences, whether through volunteers or professionals, are invaluable to enlighten us and keep us striving together, lifting each other to new heights of love and unity. Your trust in the FOA to consistently offer our community the opportunities and assurance to create together, even in tough times, is so important. As we forge ahead to finish this crazy year, 2021 promises new challenges. But we know what we’re up against, and we are ready to learn and grow with the changes – always with new dreams and goals to accomplish.

We will not only overcome the obstacles we face, but we will excel together. Whether it’s a monthly investment or an annual gift, your support says that you believe the FOA is valuable to this community and that each student, volunteer, patron, donor, and business person who feels the benefits of our mission matters. Thank you, in advance, for sharing the vision of this wonderful organization. You are a part of the FOA Family, and every member is needed, especially now. Let’s get to it – we have a community to serve.

With a Heart for the Arts,

Kristi Pulliam, Executive Director

Did you know?
-With a $300 investment (or $25/mo), 2 adults with special needs are served each month.
-With a $600 investment (or $50/mo), 2 advanced level students receive classes, and you receive 2 tickets per month for any event held within that month!
-With a $1200 investment (or $100/mo), 4 advanced level students receive education for a month, and you receive 4 tickets per month for any event held within that month.
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