Dear Friend,

There are so many things I’d like to tell you about The FOA.  

  • Over the past few years, we’ve doubled the number of volunteers who work on projects that create beauty and reveal truths for our community.  Creating art can bring people together of all colors, religions, and creeds, and I am thankful to be part of a group who supports the belief that we are all artists capable of working in unity.
  • We help the local economy of Jonesboro in that we employ at least 30 members of our community as instructors, artistic crew members, and staff.  And further, our patrons number in the thousands, and at least 20% of them come from outside of Jonesboro, purchasing dinner, gas, or souvenirs that support local business people.
  • We believe that all people should have opportunities to grow the artist in themselves, and in doing so, learn more about their own capacity to understand themselves and their community.  So, in the middle of ten community theatre productions a year in the Forum Theater, and 50 classes a week in ballet, tap, jazz, theatre, and visual arts, the FOA engages in more than six outreach programs in which we work toward providing arts education and other experiences for the disadvantaged in our community.
  • Among those outreach programs, our Tuition Waiver Program gives away $80,000 each year to individuals who might not otherwise be able to afford arts education.

However, at the FOA, the Story is the most important thing.

Whether it’s the story in each of our community theatre projects or the story each person brings to enrich and enliven our conversations, we recognize that we are each an important part, but none of us more important than the overall story itself.  Because if the story is a quality one, then it is full of wonderful things like love and redemption, faith and truth, joy and struggle.  And the story of the Foundation of Arts, well, is a quality one.

I hope you will join our story.  The FOA family contains people of all walks of life who give of their time or their resources to support the FOA’s Story.  Often, they join together to tell beautiful tales on the stage, or they commit to grow in community by teaching or taking a class.  Some also find a way to support others by giving toward FOA outreach projects.

You can join the family, too.  Please consider giving. All gifts, big or small, support the existence of arts in the Northeast Arkansas community.

With a Heart for the Arts and Blessings for all,

Kristi Pulliam