Dear Friends,

The FOA persevered through the Covid crisis by making adjustments to follow new guidelines and finding creative ways to serve our community through arts and outreach programming, providing outlets for mental and emotional health. If you chose to support, you proved to be a blessing for the hundreds of volunteers and students who participated and the thousands of patrons who have attended.

For more than 20% of our students in arts classes, the FOA provides $35,000 in tuition waiver value. As many of you may be aware, our classrooms are always buzzing with activity, with at least 350 students and volunteers in our Arts Center and Stage Too spaces each week! It’s no secret that the bathrooms in these facilities are in desperate need of an upgrade. We believe it’s time to improve the restrooms within these buildings, thus improving the quality of experience for each person we serve. So if you are a giver and are looking for an opportunity to help, here’s an idea: Our goal is to raise $10,000 to make these spaces more inviting and comfortable. Together let’s create the best environment possible for our FOA Family.

Blessings and with a heart for the arts,



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