Outreach Puzzle

Our goal in 2020 is to start 2 new Outreach programs. We built a puzzle to raise the necessary start up funds for these beneficial programs. It is displayed in the Forum mezzanine. Read more about the new projects below:

Bedside Artists:
Those who are skilled and willing to create art or music for those in the hospital or hospice.  Created for family members or the patient, bedside artists can help ease difficult moments by creating art, telling stories, or making music, and reminding us that we are all artists in some way.

Classroom Tappers:
Provides tap dance instruction and tap shoes in low to moderate income schools.  Young ones learn the art of dance, and research shows that academic scores and healthy self-confidence rise as they have fun with a new skill.

The following puzzle pieces are available for donation:
Price (# of available pieces)
$50 (10)
$100 (6)
$250 (4)
$500 (3)
$750 (2)
$1000 (1)
$2500 (1)

As pieces are donated, we will update the remaining quantities and add donor names online and next to the puzzle. Please help us reach our goal! We encourage groups (families, co-workers, church groups, etc) to go in together on the larger pieces and it’s also a great way to honor a loved one’s memory. Simply add a note to your donation to indicate “in memory of” or “in honor of” and we will make sure their name is recognized!

CLICK HERE to donate a piece today!