Educational Enrichment Series-EES

We are proud to offer performance matinees specifically for area students and teachers at a discounted cost. Live theatre makes the perfect, meaningful field trip your students will never forget! Call 870-935-2726 (T-F, 10-6) or email to reserve your seats!



September 21 @ 9 am & 12 pm
October 26 @ 9 am & 12 pm
Please note:
According to Musical Theatre International, this  show is rated PG for teen angst themes , mild language, and innuendo.

November 15 @ 9 am & 12 pm
December 15 @ 9 am & 12 pm

January 26 @ 9 am & 12 pm

March 8 @ 9 am & 12 pm &
April 11 @ 9 am & 12 pm

May 16 @ 9 am & 12 pm

What You Need To Know:

  • The earlier you book, the better we can accommodate your group. Seats fill up fast!
  • The cost is $5 per student. Groups receive 1 free chaperone pass for every 10 student tickets. (Please note: As part of our mission, the FOA intends for this cost to never prohibit a student from attending a performance. Please reach out to our staff if your school group cannot come up with the full payment and we will happily make arrangements.)
  • Performances are open to any public, private, or home school group.
  • All bookings automatically come with age-appropriate supplemental classroom materials, sent directly to your inbox.
  • We offer optional in-person classroom workshops where our skilled instructors will conduct arts education experiences to enhance your students’ understanding of the subject matter. See below for more information.

Arts Education Workshops:
Did you know the FOA can come to your classroom!? Check out our EES classroom workshop offerings listed below, which are designed to coordinate specifically with each title and are available to teachers/classes who have booked their field trip to see that performance.
These can be tailored to accomadate various ages or levels.
We also offer year-round general arts education workshops to be scheduled at any time!

Music Man:
Get a crash course on tap dancing from one of our dancers/teachers/choreographers and create your own musical masterpiece in the style of artist Kandisnky using instrument sounds.

Freaky Friday:
Watch video clip of the song “I Got This” from the show and play a fun switching places improv game!  Fill in a venn diagram using words and/or pictures about you and your mom/dad/guardian showing what you share in common and differences.

The Nutcracker:
Learn more about ballet and the discipline it takes. See a demonstration of some ballet techniques from some of our dancers. Then create your own Nutcracker craft to take home!

A Very Merry Christmas
Learn some Christmas Carols and decorate Christmas cards to write to your loved ones.

Charlotte’s Web
Read an excerpt from EB White’s famous book. Discuss what real friendship means and draw a picture of and write/tell a short story of a time someone was a good friend to you. Younger students may also like to play a barn animal improv game. 🙂

This workshop includes a brief synopsis of the plot and its historical and geographical significance. Students will then brainstorm images from their childhood/life and make a collage.

Snow White the Ballet
Learn about telling stories entirely through dance and try your hand at it! Paint “poison” apples.

Please contact for more info.

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