Perspectives Art Contest


Perspectives is our annual spring art contest. We accept submissions from all over NEA, from artists of all ages (4 and up) and levels. The objective is to showcase each individual artist’s unique view on life in our eclectic gallery. We also use this as an opportunity to collect canned food donations for the NEA Food Bank in the form of “votes”.

How to enter:

Deliver artwork (matted or mounted) to the Forum by 6 pm, April 13th. Attach the following information on the back of each submission: Artist’s full name, age, phone number, email address, and artwork title/size.

Bring canned goods to the Forum between April 16-29. You will find the artwork upstairs in the Mezzanine of the Forum. Place cans below the art you wish to vote for and remember to tell others to come vote too!

Winners will be announced before the April 30th performance of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at 7:30 pm. Two awards will be given- community choice and staff choice. Each winner will recieve a free FOA class of their choice and a season pass for our upcoming 2018-2019 Forum theatre season!