Volunteer & Artist of the Month

We wouldn’t be able to thrive without our dedicated Arts Center teachers and students or our amazing volunteers. Each month, we spotlight different ones to show the rest of the world how much they really mean to the FOA!

February Volunteer: Hoppy III, Chase, and Hoppy Hoffman
These fellas have gone above and beyond in helping out with Seussical the Musical. The two Hoppys have done it all from building unique props, to providing the motor and setting up wiring for the onstage disco ball, to making truffula trees, to building set pieces, to donating extra materials….whew! We’re tired just typing it all! Chase has been busy acting as a circus animal onstage for this production. We are so glad they have chosen to spend their free time making the FOA a better place.


January Artist: Alisa Becton

Alisa has been a part of the FOA for over 14 years, and is currently directing Exodus, the Ballet. Her passions include teaching dance, cooking, reading ,and sewing. She has been working for months and months orchestrating her original ballet and it really shows. She shines in everything she does and we are very blessed to have her!