Volunteer & Artist of the Month

We wouldn’t be able to thrive without our dedicated Arts Center teachers and students or our amazing volunteers. Each month, we spotlight different ones to show the rest of the world how much they really mean to the FOA!

April Volunteers: Sheri and JD Walker
What a blessing these two lovely people have been to our organization! They got involved with the FOA when their oldest daughter started a ballet class in 2012. Volunteering began around 2014 and went from ushering shows to helping out with hair and makeup backstage to building/painting sets to running fly rails for The Nutcracker Ballet and Exodus the Ballet. They auditioned for their first onstage roles in 2016, landing Mr. and Mrs. Stahlbaum in the Nutcracker ballet in 2016 and again in 2017. We are so glad they have chosen to spend their time contributing to the arts in their community.

“FOA started out for us as a way for our girls to express themselves in the arts in a modest and positive way but it has morphed into a greater appreciation for people in the community and wonderful friendships for us and respectable teachers and lessons of hard work for our girls.” – Sheri


April Artist: Gracie Sharp
Gracie is 17 years old and takes Classical & Creative Drawing Methods, as well as Still Life Painting in Oils here at the FOA. She has shown exceptional enthusiasm and hopes to be an artist as a profession one day. She is dedicated to her craft, which is apparent since she drives an hour and a half each week to attend classes. We admire her commitment and talents. She is just plain awesome.  This is what one of her instructors, Josh Granberg, had to say about her: “She is a talented artist and a joy to paint with.” As always, we are beyond proud of our students’ achievements. Way to go, Gracie!