FOA File Cabinet

Here you can find documents containing our policies/procedures, as well as financial information related to the Foundation of Arts. We aim for complete transparency. If you would like to request any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 870-935-2726.

Pandemic Information (updated August 2021):
Covid-19 policy
Covid-19 procedures 
Covid and Crew policy for Participants

Grievance Policy:
Grievance Procedure

Participant Protection:
Participant Protection Policy

Capitalization Policy:
Capitalization Policy

Emergency Procedures:
Emergency Preparedness Manual

Child Protection Procedures:
FOA Child Protection Policy

Pandemic Statements/Procedures:
FOA Facility door signage 

Budgeting/Financial reports:
Budget 20-21
Budget 19-20
Budget 18-19
2018 Financial Statements

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